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The Literary Dram

A Spirit in one hand, a Book in the other

I’m Newfoundland & Labrador author Kevin Major. I’ve written 18 books, including No Man’s Land, As Near to Heaven by Sea, and Hold Fast (released as a feature film in 2013), as well as poetry, plays, and the text for artist books. The most recent work of fiction, titled One for the Rock, was published in 2018 by Breakwater Books. It is an offbeat murder mystery set in my hometown of St. John’s. The central character is a tour guide with a love for the peaty dram. He writes a whisky blog!

I’m the writer behind a WordPress blog on organic/biodynamic/natural wine that I call “One Brilliant Bottle.” I am no longer posting to it.

So why another blog? Why whisky (and sometimes other spirits), why now? My liking of the good dram goes back several years. Recently my attention and drink budget was focused mostly on wine. I’ve reintroduced whisky into the mix, with a renewed interest in what’s available. I’m especially intrigued by whiskies that have emerged from parts of the world not normally associated with the drink.

Combine that with my writerly love of a good book and you have this blog. It’s rather like food pairing with wine, but with a more profound aftertaste. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry … single malt, blended, peated, un-peated — it could take several directions.

My older son, and sometimes whisky companion, suggested I call it “Distill my Reading Heart!”

I live in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. For my WordPress author blog, check out “Kevin Major, Author.” Or visit:

For my WordPress wine blog, check out “One Brilliant Bottle”

I can be reached at:

All photos, except where noted, are taken by me. Book covers and author photos are sometimes gleaned from the Internet.

Thanks again, to my wife, Anne, for her proofreading. The author photo is the work of Victoria Wells.


[Of course, the appreciation of a good book doesn’t need the dram. And the consumption of alcohol should be undertaken responsibly and in moderation.]


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